What is the CryptoChallenge leaderboard?

16 August 2021

CryptoChallenge leaderboard on Android and iOS

The leaderboard is a new feature of the Crypto Challenge app that shows where you rank among all the other players. The top players in each series are the ones who will win BTC rewards!

The leaderboard can be accessed by pressing the Trophy icon at the bottom of the app. This section allows for Crypto Challenge app users to check their ranking status in comparison to other users who participated in the same series. The ranking is selected according to the number of points each user gains.

The leaderboard is a space that can help define how much can be earned in BTC rewards in a given series. The points gained are specific to the monthly series and do not roll over into the new month/series. Every user starts with zero points and the points are reset to zero at the end of the month.

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