How to earn a yield on your cryptos

25 August 2021

Earn a yield on your cryptos

Did you know it’s possible to earn passive income on your cryptos? 

Like how you can deposit money into a savings account and earn interest with a traditional bank, in crypto, it’s possible to hold tokens in a wallet that pays an annual percentage yield. Like with bank accounts, this is expressed as a percentage amount per year (e.g. 1% p.a.). Unlike bank accounts, the yields tend to be more competitive due to the peer-to-peer nature of cryptocurrencies, which means there aren’t intermediaries taking a cut.

But how can you do it? Fortunately, SwissBorg makes it simple with our Smart Yield wallets.

The challenges of earning a yield

If you’re new to the cryptosphere, you might not be familiar with DeFi, or decentralised finance, yet. 

Centralised, or traditional, finance offers a range of services that are inaccessible to many, including the ability to borrow and lend funds. DeFi makes these services available without intermediaries like banks - users can lend and borrow directly to and from each other. They will also pay fees (in the case of borrowing) or earn a yield (in the case of lending) if they do.

As a team of crypto enthusiasts, we have followed the rise of DeFi protocols and borrowing and lending programs with great interest. However, as we engaged with these protocols, we (along with many others in the cryptosphere) noticed the inherent risks, including hacking, volatility, liquidation, poor smart contracts and exit scams.

Beyond those risks, even if you found a reputable, secure program for earning a yield, these weren’t accessible to the average investor due to:

  • Cost: Yield farming’s transaction costs are often so high that earning a yield is uneconomical unless you have at least $10,000 to invest.
  • Technical knowledge: To mitigate your risk, you need an understanding of smart contracts, non-custodial wallets, farming procedures and how to perform due diligence. 
  • Time: To get the highest return, you need to manage multiple platforms, research new pools and trading platforms and monitor protocols around the clock.

Fairness and inclusivity are at the heart of SwissBorg’s identity, so we decided to find a way to make earning a yield on crypto accessible to all.‍

How the Smart Yield wallet works

The Smart Yield strategy optimiser simplifies and optimises earning a yield on your crypto, every single day. The goal is to find the best return for the lowest risk, as well as offering some of the best yielding conditions available in the market.‍

Automated risk management

The strategy optimiser monitors and rates all available investment opportunities based on their risk and expected returns, and only invests in those that achieve a minimum risk score.

Automated risk management
Automated risk management

In addition to this, SwissBorg has established a Safety Net Program in CHSB to protect against Smart Contract Risk.

Transparent, flexible returns

As an investor, you know that the return on any asset will fluctuate from day to day. This is also true for crypto yielding programs. 

However, most crypto companies offer a fixed yield. While this may sound appealing on the surface, the truth is that they are hiding their total returns in that fixed rate. Often, this results in them taking the lion’s share of the returns for that day, rather than passing them onto their users.

At SwissBorg, one of our core values is transparency, which is why we don’t offer a fixed yield. Instead, our returns fluctuate to match the real market conditions. If the market is offering a higher return, you will benefit. This ensures you are getting the highest available yield for the best risk/return ratio, every day.

Double your yield

Not only does the Smart Yield account find the best yield for that day and compound it daily for a higher return, but you have the option to boost your yield with a Premium account! Community Premium users benefit from a 1.5X yield multiplier, while Genesis Premium users will get double the yield.

So, if the standard yield rate on a crypto asset was 5% p.a., Community Premium users will earn 7.5% p.a., and Genesis Premium users will earn 10% p.a.!

To get a Premium account in the SwissBorg app, simply purchase the required amount of CHSB (2,000 for Community Premium, 50,000 for Genesis Premium) and go to the Premium tab to lock your CHSB for 12 months. Then you will automatically start earning a higher yield!

Competitive investment terms

To get the best return, most crypto apps will ask you to lock your funds for anywhere from seven days to 12 months. Not SwissBorg.

Our Smart Yield wallet has no minimum investment period, which means you can redeem your funds whenever you want. Redemptions are actioned at the end of the 24-hour payout period, and can take a few hours to be processed.

Finally, we wanted to make this account available to every investor, so the minimum investment required to activate your Smart Yield wallet is just €10. After that, you can add more to your account at any time to increase your earnings.

All these factors mean we can confidently say this is one of the best yielding programs available.

Ready to start earning on your crypto? Download the SwissBorg app today!

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