Now live: CHSB Yield 2.0!

17 November 2021

CHSB Yield 2.0!

CHSB Yield 2.0 is the first program of its kind implemented in the crypto space, designed to offer attractive yield rates for all and accelerate the wealth of our community - both through higher yields for new investors, as well as by increasing the growth of our community and value of our token.

With CHSB Yield 2.0, we have upgraded the yield program to introduce yield tiers, where the yield our users earn will vary depending on how many CHSB they hold in their yield wallet. This will motivate more new investors to join the SwissBorg ecosystem, and will encourage the price of CHSB to strengthen for all.

CHSB Yield tiers
*Note that these rates will fluctuate weekly based on the Community Index, and will also benefit from daily compounding

Every user is eligible for the maximum rate for each of these buckets. So every Genesis Premium user would earn the maximum rate on their first 2,000 tokens in the yield wallet, and so on and so forth.

A token holder with 5,000 tokens in the CHSB yield wallet would earn between 16.3% and 32.5% p.a. (depending on their account level) for the first 2,000 tokens in their account, then between 5.8% and 11.6% p.a. for the next 3,000 tokens. After one year at this rate, their overall earnings would be 499 CHSB (10.0%) as a standard user, 749 CHSB (15.0%) as a Community Premium user and 998 CHSB (20.0%) as a Genesis Premium user.

A token holder with 120,000 in the CHSB yield wallet would earn up to 32.5% p.a. for their first 2,000 tokens, up to 11.6% for their next 8,000 tokens, up to 9.3% for their next 90,000 tokens, and up to 6.8% for their next 20,000 tokens. After one year at these rates, their overall earnings would be:

  • Standard user: 4.7%, or 5,665 CHSB
  • Community Premium user: 7.1%, or 8,497 CHSB
  • Genesis Premium user: 9.4%, or 11,330 CHSB.

Ultimately, the more a user holds in the CHSB yield wallet, the more they will earn. Every user will benefit from the higher rates available for the lower tiers.

Beyond individual benefits, though, by rewarding new investors with a higher yield rate, CHSB Yield 2.0 will encourage more investors to join the SwissBorg community and invest.

New investors will immediately benefit from high yields, which will empower them to upgrade to Community Premium faster. Once they are Community Premium, they will get a 1.5X yield boost across all yield-eligible assets in the SwissBorg app, as well as reduced fees, which will motivate them to continue investing.

CHSB growing ecosystem
The CHSB growing ecosystem

The result will be both increased demand and lower supply of CHSB, which will help increase the returns for all CHSB token holders.

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